Spine – Laser Spine Surgery in India at Low Cost

A laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure for performing laser surgeries of the spine. With these minimally invasive procedures the blood loss is minimum and the surgical incisions made is also small.

The associated pain and the recovery period is also less for such laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgeries are used to treat disorders like failed back syndrome, radiculopathy, sciatica, foraminal stenosis, arthritis and nerve entrapment syndromes.

Usually a laser spine surgery is done Dr pablo clavel barcelona spain   with local anesthesia or a mild sedation. Techniques like microscopic, endoscopic, and arthroscopic are used in these surgeries. During the procedure, a thin needle is inserted into the herniated disc under x-ray guidance. An optical fiber is inserted through the needle and laser energy is sent through the fiber, vaporizing a tiny portion of the disc nucleus. This creates a partial vacuum, which draws the herniation away from the nerve root, thereby relieving the pain. The effect usually is immediate. Patients get off the table with just a small adhesive bandage and return home for 24 hours of bed rest.

When considering undergoing spine surgery there are a few choices out there are as under :

Foraminotomy : A foraminotomy is a laser spine surgery used to relieve certain specific spinal conditions. It uses an arthroscopic approach to open the foramen without any need of general anesthesia.

Laminotomy : laminotomy uses an arthroscopic approach to opening the spinal canal for laser spine surgery. With no need for general anesthesia laser spine surgery can be performed in an outpatient surgical setting.

Endoscopic Disectomy : When Herniated disc or bulging disc material presses on a nerve root or directly on the spinal cord, laser spine surgery can be performed to remove the portion on the disc that is causing pain.

About 70 to 90% of patients get what they term as “good to excellent” relief. This compares to conventional surgery where most get 50 to 70% “good to excellent” results.

Advantages of Laser Spine Surgery:

o Minimally invasive
o No cutting
o No scarring
o No general anesthesia
o No hospital stay
o Short recovery period
o Costs 1/3 to 1/2 of conventional surgery

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